Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's been a while since I posted huh? Well I've been doing lots of stuff. (Aside from homework :) Last weekend, I went cosmic bowling with friends, and went to IHOP for "breakfast." We got back around 3 in the am. And then (after Brittany, Ben, and I watched a movie) I went to bed for about four hours. Because on Saturday Brittany and I went into Chicago with some friends to see the Symphony. Anything else? Hm, I made a "painting" out of m&ms. :) That was fun, but really hard not to eat. :) Well I should probably get going, I have to finish writing a 7-10 page paper before mom and Paul come next weekend. =)

Cosmic Bowling, so much fun!
(but terrible for taking pictures, lots of editing required :)

Me and my awesome roomies.
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