Sunday, July 31, 2011

London in 24 days!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bucket List

Got the idea from Through the Waters of Life to post my bucket list here. Maybe it will prompt me to get more done! :) Bear with me, it's a fairly extensive list.

Personal Fitness
·      Run a marathon (it'll have to be short unless I somehow gain an ironman body overnight)
·      Hike in the mountains
·      Do an indoor rock-climb wall
·      Bungee jump
·      Learn to swim
·      Learn to surf (I got up twice in Hawaii, but would like to get better at it)
·      Do P90X
·      Lose 25 pounds

·      Learn Cricket
·      Complete a crossword puzzle
·      Learn to quilt
·      Solve a Rubik’s Cube
·      Learn to play bridge (I watch too many old tv series)
·      Go fishing at sunrise
·      Listen to Bach and Mozart
·      Own a horse
·      Milk a cow (despite living in the country, I have never milked a cow)
·      Win Super Mario Bros on Nintendo (I am absolutely HORRID at video games)
·      Start a fire without matches
·      Hold a snake (the sheer thought of this scares me silly!)
·      Finish crocheted green blanket (more than half way done with it as a queen sized)

·      Grow an herb garden (I would LOVE to be able to cook with my own spices)
·      Buy a home, with a window seat
·      Host 10 dinner parties
·      Have a plant, and not kill it
·      Watch no TV for one week
·      Own a piano
·      Pay off all school loans.
·      Splurge on a pair of shoes (DONE! -- TOMS)
·      Have a secret room behind a bookcase (I don't think I'll tell if this happens)

·      Volunteer at a soup kitchen
·      Help to end slavery
·      Spend a day talking with an orphan
·      Spend a day talking with a homeless man/woman/child
·      Own 5 pairs of TOMS
·      Mission trip/expedition (kaya) every year

·      Learn French fluently
·      Learn an accent well (British or Irish preferably)
·      Learn HTML coding
·      Learn basic sign language
·      Expand vocabulary

·      Write a book
·      Learn calligraphy
·      Practice handwriting
·      Write a paper, just because
·      Write a sitcom
·      Write your autobiography
·      Compile a cookbook
·      Use typewriter frequently for writing letters

·      Eat a jalapeno pepper, whole
·      Anchovies
·      Escargot, Lucy style
·      Make homemade ice cream
·      Put up root beer
·      Avoid fast food for six months
·      Cook every dish from the ’69 Betty Crocker cookbook
·      Eat Haggis
·      Learn to make Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon

Phrases To Say
·      Sit on it!
·      Quick, follow that car!
·      I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
·      Go ahead, make my day
·      A martini. Shaken, not stirred.

·      The works of  e.e. cummings,
·      The works of Thoreau
·      The works of Emerson
·      Bible, cover to cover
·      Entire Encyclopedia Britanica
·      100 NY Best Sellers (2/100)

·      Watch all of the AFI’s greatest films
·      Watch every single Hitchcock film
·      Be an extra in a film
·      Become a still photographer for a movie set
·      Watch every Academy Award for Best Picture

·      Eiffel Tower
·      England
·      Ukraine, Hungary (E. Europe)
·      Greece
·      Corrie ten Boom’s home
·      Holy Land
·      Italy
·      Ireland
·      Peru (Machu Picchu)
·      Maine lighthouses
·      Prince Edward Island
·      DC in the spring
·      Oregon (Multnomah Falls)
·      Sundance
·      Gondolas in Venice
·      Big Ben
·      Abbey Road
·      Chase a storm
·      Fly in a hot air balloon
·      Take the Amtrak from Seattle to the East Coast
·      Learn the ins and outs of Photoshop
·      Re-learn geography
·      Change a flat tire
·      Drive stick shift
·      Visit all countries of heritage [Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Russia]
·      Live in Europe for a month
·      Start photography business
·      Visit Holocaust camps, after re-reading The Hiding Place
·      Fly first-class overseas
·      Photograph for National Geographic
·      Visit all 50 states (21/50)
·      Drive down route 66
·      Go behind a waterfall
·      Attend the Olympics
·      Watch the sun rise every day for one week
·      Photograph war
·      Photograph a wedding
·      Visit a castle
·      Explore a cave
·      Impromptu road trip (Denver, Devils Mountain)
·      Human Trafficking Photography Expedition via Kaya travel