Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet the family..

I am part of a "family" here at Judson. We are all dysfunctional, but we are all equally dysfunctional so everyone is used to it. :) Anyway... it all started with wii bowling one night. My roomie Brittany was friends with Ben W. And she dragged me along (ok, not literally :) to play wii bowling. So, we and our friend Ashley went up when its was open dorm (there are only certain hours on the weekends that girls can be on the guy's floor). So the next weekend we decided to go real bowling and went out to IHOP after that. So our restaurant that we always go to is IHOP. We're all just crazy and fun. :) We now have family dinners (with the exception of David because he doesn't go to school at Judson anymore) and family game nights. The two Bens, David and I make up the worship team at church. So here's everyone...

Well you know me :)
Daughter. Sings at Immanuel Baptist.


Mom. Need I say more?


Daughter. Skips out on a lot of family excursions. For shame.


Daughter. Newest member of the family.


Ashley B


Mom's favorite son. Everyone loves Joe. When you address Joe, it has to be JOOOOE!!! And shout it across the cafeteria for all to hear. Just because we all get happy when we see Joe. :)


Exiled son. Sings and plays guitar and drums at Immanuel Baptist.


Ben W
Father. He and mom separated but they are back together. In mob (I told you we are dysfunctional). Plays bass guitar at Immanuel Baptist.


Ben S
Adopted son from mexico. Sings and plays guitar and drums at Immanuel Baptist.


  • Uncle Joel
  • Ashley A
    Aunt Ashley. Mom's side. Very entertaining at family dinners.
I think that's everyone. So far. Our family keeps growing...

Friday, March 13, 2009

80 grams of sugar... less than 10 minutes. Not my greatest moment.

Uninteresting post

I am so terrible at blogging. I used to be so good at it. :-P Alas alas, life goes on. Maybe its because I have become more involved in facebook. :) Anyway, I am currently on Spring Break. No, nothing exciting. I am staying at the dorm because of homework. :-/ Not to happy about that, but I hear back home it was a full-out blizzard. And its quite lovely here so I guess I'm ok with it after all. :)

I'm going to the Art Institute in Chicago on Sunday. I have to pick a painting, write a 3-5 paper about it explaining every detail of it without mentioning the artist or work. And the teacher is supposed to be able to sketch what it looks like. eek! I have to memorize a poem (mostly done with that), finish a book for Art history, work on a cover entry for Print magazine, art history slides, design a poster for the up and coming youth group at church. And fill in 100 addresses for Riverwoods. And then the homeowrk begins all over again. :P But it has been lovely being able to sleep in. :) Getting around 9 hours of sleep every night. What a concept! (especially when used to getting around 3-4 hours of sleep every night :)

(Eating at IHOP with the Judson "family")

My roomies left me. Brook for Choir tour in Florida and Brittany for a mission trip in Mississippi. (it'll be nice actually seeing people again when everyone comes back tomorrow. I can't believe break went so fast!!)

I have basically no food here, so I am relying on the vending machine (where the most satisfying thing is a danish pastry with hundreds and hundreds of calories ... :) And canned pineapple, while it is delicious, it isn't too filling. I think I have some m&ms lying around here somewhere...