Friday, March 13, 2009

Uninteresting post

I am so terrible at blogging. I used to be so good at it. :-P Alas alas, life goes on. Maybe its because I have become more involved in facebook. :) Anyway, I am currently on Spring Break. No, nothing exciting. I am staying at the dorm because of homework. :-/ Not to happy about that, but I hear back home it was a full-out blizzard. And its quite lovely here so I guess I'm ok with it after all. :)

I'm going to the Art Institute in Chicago on Sunday. I have to pick a painting, write a 3-5 paper about it explaining every detail of it without mentioning the artist or work. And the teacher is supposed to be able to sketch what it looks like. eek! I have to memorize a poem (mostly done with that), finish a book for Art history, work on a cover entry for Print magazine, art history slides, design a poster for the up and coming youth group at church. And fill in 100 addresses for Riverwoods. And then the homeowrk begins all over again. :P But it has been lovely being able to sleep in. :) Getting around 9 hours of sleep every night. What a concept! (especially when used to getting around 3-4 hours of sleep every night :)

(Eating at IHOP with the Judson "family")

My roomies left me. Brook for Choir tour in Florida and Brittany for a mission trip in Mississippi. (it'll be nice actually seeing people again when everyone comes back tomorrow. I can't believe break went so fast!!)

I have basically no food here, so I am relying on the vending machine (where the most satisfying thing is a danish pastry with hundreds and hundreds of calories ... :) And canned pineapple, while it is delicious, it isn't too filling. I think I have some m&ms lying around here somewhere...
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