Monday, June 21, 2010

I have an excuse!

I thought this picture captured the fury of cleaning.
The work just explodes when you start.
I truly do apologize for not posting camp pictures yet! I have yet to actually look at all of them (I am currently labeling all 10,000+ of my pictures as a result of updating to LightRoom3). Now for some reason, my family likes to eat and that results in dishes. And for some reason, my family likes to wear clothes, so that results in laundry (I can't get by with a load every other weekend, like I do at school). And for some reason, we have decided to clean (most) every corner of our house for my grandpa's 80th birthday that we are having at our house on Saturday. And cleaning, as we all know, results in chaos. Everywhere. I've never quite understood it, but for a house to get cleaner, it needs to get dirtier first.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back from camp

....and exhausted! Just one picture for tonight. Hopefully I can blog more tomorrow.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love my mom :)

Camp Clean Up

So I know this is really late. But camp starts tomorrow so I thought I would post something about camp....

Caleb taking down dead trees. We need to plant more!!

Planting the donated flowers

Volunteering starts at an early age! :)

Olivia is so precious!

Job. Difficult to get a picture without him acting silly :)

Not so easy.

So I was in Fargo with my mom the other day, with way too many errands. We were running through Sears when we saw this comforter on clearance. It was 200 dollars, but we got it on major clearance for 30 dollars! :) It's a more funky pattern than I would have chosen, but that's okay. Makes me feel like I'm on safari! :)

So, today I decided to take off the five blankets I was substituting for a comforter. And the bed skirt and pillow sheets I have had since 7th grade. It's so lovely to have a new fluffy comforter!! However, I soon found out it wasn't all loveliness. It was quite a process. 

1) Take off mattress and prop against door.
     --Scream as it falls on top of you
2) Fit the king sized bed skirt on the queen sized bed frame.
     --Carefully wrinkle the skirt on the corner, artistically
3) Try to throw mattress on frame without moving said fabric.
    --Amazed that it worked without destroying a lamp
4) Dig in a pile for QUEEN size sheets.
    --Discover a pair that somewhat matches

5) Brings out pillow sham covers from bag.
    --Shocked they are as big as a toddler
6) Stuff three pillows inside each sham.
7) Grab two other pillows for color.
8) Throw the psychadelic comforter on bed.
9) Disapointed that all that work for the bed skirt is covered up by the huge comforter.

Oh! I finally got curtains for BOTH windows! I live in the basement, so I consider this quite exciting!! :)

Monday, June 07, 2010


I thought for sure that since blogger wasn't letting me log in, my blog here had thought it did fine on it's own and would just kick me out of it's life. Good to know it still needs me.
 I plan to blog with lots of pictures soon, maybe even update ALL of my blogs! But for now, I have to finish cleaning my room. I won't be living out of a suitcase for the whole summer! I actually have hangers and drawers for my clothes now because I have a rather ginormous pile for goodwill.