Monday, June 21, 2010

I have an excuse!

I thought this picture captured the fury of cleaning.
The work just explodes when you start.
I truly do apologize for not posting camp pictures yet! I have yet to actually look at all of them (I am currently labeling all 10,000+ of my pictures as a result of updating to LightRoom3). Now for some reason, my family likes to eat and that results in dishes. And for some reason, my family likes to wear clothes, so that results in laundry (I can't get by with a load every other weekend, like I do at school). And for some reason, we have decided to clean (most) every corner of our house for my grandpa's 80th birthday that we are having at our house on Saturday. And cleaning, as we all know, results in chaos. Everywhere. I've never quite understood it, but for a house to get cleaner, it needs to get dirtier first.
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