Thursday, May 27, 2010

Singles Map

No wonder people complain about the single life! ;-)

[Click to enlarge]

Blue dots=guys
Orange dots=girls

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have a blog?

I was reminded tonight by the lovely Courtney Nelson that I have a blog. So, it's her fault that I am posting. Or rather, giving this intro and then showing a couple pictures before leaving. :) I just downloaded Lightroom 3, beta 2 version, and was excited about putting in the Watermark :)

Nan's flowers

My nails before my manicure....To quote my facebook status....
"is thinking salons aren't for her. I got my nails done for the first time. Lady was disgusted by my nails. What happened to short and sweet? :) I didn't even make it out of the salon without "ruining" my nails. Take me back to the farm! :) "

Mom wanted some pictures of me with my first piece in a gallery =)

Dessert: demolished!

A birthday balloon! =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Back!

....I didn't take this while driving....[ahem]

Indiana was amazing! Gas was .20 cents cheaper, it was blissfully flat and had fun little towns the last hour of the drive. Getting to just listen to music by myself for five hours was amazing. And then I got to see Rikki!!!!!! =D It was amazing, from watching movies to remembering Riverwoods, to eating...and eating...and eating. What can I say, it's what we do best. ;-)

100 different sundaes, and 100 different milkshakes

Crazy Rikki =)
Isn't she amazing?

Fun side note...Rikki and I are soulmates. Five hours away, and we wore the same thing. A red hat, black rimmed glasses, gray shirt, jeans, and blue slip-ons. It was crazy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

RIkkkiiiiiiii!!! =D

I get to see Rikki tomorrow!!! I am driving out to Indiana tomorrow, and I am so excited. Haven't taken a roadtrip in forever. And mom, don't worry, I won't stop at any of the truck rest stops :) Besides, Betsie (my '97 Chevy Lumina) is one tough cookie!

[For blogline readers....^this is a movie so click on the link and watch it :]


It's weird leaving dorm life. I'm still taking a class, so I can't say the sleepless nights are gone. But I can say that it was weird leaving. I have lived in 613 for two years now. Next year will be the last year I can live there. Lots has happened there. Endless tears, laughter, plugged up showers, lights that don't work, and toilets that are perpetually running. But at the end of the year it is stripped down to blue mattresses and empty dresser drawers. How do all those things happen in a place that can seem so cold and empty as this?

Especially when you consider that only 18 hours before, it looked like this....

Photo Post

I haven’t done a photo post in quite some time, so here I am. I will have told at least 11,00 words with these pictures by the time this post is over. :) Anyway, here is a compilation from Mother's Day. I was sad I couldn't be with my awesome mom for the day, but I get to see her in just over a week! =) I went with my aunt, uncle, family friend, Horst, and my cousin Brian and his wife Nicole :)

Horst from Germany :)

Love the colors of this!

Brian and Nicole

Warren and Horst

The beautiful view from the restaurant

This is how my self-portraits are usually posed :)
Notice my new hat! Horst bought it for me.

There was a pianist in the lobby playing music the whole time

My first plate I decided I was starved. FABULOUS pineapple by the way :)

But by the second plate (with lots of fruit in between) I tried to be less gluttonous =]

...and then I went to the chocolate fountain.