Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Back!

....I didn't take this while driving....[ahem]

Indiana was amazing! Gas was .20 cents cheaper, it was blissfully flat and had fun little towns the last hour of the drive. Getting to just listen to music by myself for five hours was amazing. And then I got to see Rikki!!!!!! =D It was amazing, from watching movies to remembering Riverwoods, to eating...and eating...and eating. What can I say, it's what we do best. ;-)

100 different sundaes, and 100 different milkshakes

Crazy Rikki =)
Isn't she amazing?

Fun side note...Rikki and I are soulmates. Five hours away, and we wore the same thing. A red hat, black rimmed glasses, gray shirt, jeans, and blue slip-ons. It was crazy!
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