Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo Post

I haven’t done a photo post in quite some time, so here I am. I will have told at least 11,00 words with these pictures by the time this post is over. :) Anyway, here is a compilation from Mother's Day. I was sad I couldn't be with my awesome mom for the day, but I get to see her in just over a week! =) I went with my aunt, uncle, family friend, Horst, and my cousin Brian and his wife Nicole :)

Horst from Germany :)

Love the colors of this!

Brian and Nicole

Warren and Horst

The beautiful view from the restaurant

This is how my self-portraits are usually posed :)
Notice my new hat! Horst bought it for me.

There was a pianist in the lobby playing music the whole time

My first plate I decided I was starved. FABULOUS pineapple by the way :)

But by the second plate (with lots of fruit in between) I tried to be less gluttonous =]

...and then I went to the chocolate fountain.

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