Thursday, April 29, 2010


I love this girl. Anne Van Veelen. She's pretty fabulous. She's crazy like me and likes to stay up all night to "study." I haven't met anyone else at Judson who will actually stay up the whole night with me. We have basically made our floor's lounge our room. We both love ice cream, and eat too much at McDonald's. Bad news though....she has to go back to her homeland. It's kinda far. Mom, want to take a trip to the Netherlands sometime soon? :) Anyway, just wanted to tell all my blog readers (if I still have any after this long absence) that this girl is amazing. And if you'll pardon me, we have to finish finals up. So off to the lounge I go. Pizza, ice cream, and afore-mentioned friend=another really late night. And I love it.
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