Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I think the one thing that turns me off of people (meaning anyone, not just the opposite sex) is pride. Hearing someone go on and on about how much they know or how wonderful they think they are is so annoying. Makes me wonder though as I am typing this, do I do the same thing?? We all chime in our own little stories about our life at the dinner table. Are we trying to help the story along? Or is there some strange reason we have to share our successes with everyone? The Creator of the Universe knows all of our accomplishments. Shouldn't that be enough? Apparently not.

We are supposed to be clothed in humility. If that is so, then how much are you wearing? Although, I know at times I have been guilty of wearing next to nothing!

After Easter, it is hard not to be humbled by the Cross and God's love for us. Yet, it seems like it is quickly lost. His love for us is quickly taken for granted once Monday rolls around. We are NOTHING without Him.

From the outset of the day, I want to greet my Savior with gratitude, not grumbling. ::CJ Mahaney::

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