Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bucket List

Got the idea from Through the Waters of Life to post my bucket list here. Maybe it will prompt me to get more done! :) Bear with me, it's a fairly extensive list.

Personal Fitness
·      Run a marathon (it'll have to be short unless I somehow gain an ironman body overnight)
·      Hike in the mountains
·      Do an indoor rock-climb wall
·      Bungee jump
·      Learn to swim
·      Learn to surf (I got up twice in Hawaii, but would like to get better at it)
·      Do P90X
·      Lose 25 pounds

·      Learn Cricket
·      Complete a crossword puzzle
·      Learn to quilt
·      Solve a Rubik’s Cube
·      Learn to play bridge (I watch too many old tv series)
·      Go fishing at sunrise
·      Listen to Bach and Mozart
·      Own a horse
·      Milk a cow (despite living in the country, I have never milked a cow)
·      Win Super Mario Bros on Nintendo (I am absolutely HORRID at video games)
·      Start a fire without matches
·      Hold a snake (the sheer thought of this scares me silly!)
·      Finish crocheted green blanket (more than half way done with it as a queen sized)

·      Grow an herb garden (I would LOVE to be able to cook with my own spices)
·      Buy a home, with a window seat
·      Host 10 dinner parties
·      Have a plant, and not kill it
·      Watch no TV for one week
·      Own a piano
·      Pay off all school loans.
·      Splurge on a pair of shoes (DONE! -- TOMS)
·      Have a secret room behind a bookcase (I don't think I'll tell if this happens)

·      Volunteer at a soup kitchen
·      Help to end slavery
·      Spend a day talking with an orphan
·      Spend a day talking with a homeless man/woman/child
·      Own 5 pairs of TOMS
·      Mission trip/expedition (kaya) every year

·      Learn French fluently
·      Learn an accent well (British or Irish preferably)
·      Learn HTML coding
·      Learn basic sign language
·      Expand vocabulary

·      Write a book
·      Learn calligraphy
·      Practice handwriting
·      Write a paper, just because
·      Write a sitcom
·      Write your autobiography
·      Compile a cookbook
·      Use typewriter frequently for writing letters

·      Eat a jalapeno pepper, whole
·      Anchovies
·      Escargot, Lucy style
·      Make homemade ice cream
·      Put up root beer
·      Avoid fast food for six months
·      Cook every dish from the ’69 Betty Crocker cookbook
·      Eat Haggis
·      Learn to make Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon

Phrases To Say
·      Sit on it!
·      Quick, follow that car!
·      I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
·      Go ahead, make my day
·      A martini. Shaken, not stirred.

·      The works of  e.e. cummings,
·      The works of Thoreau
·      The works of Emerson
·      Bible, cover to cover
·      Entire Encyclopedia Britanica
·      100 NY Best Sellers (2/100)

·      Watch all of the AFI’s greatest films
·      Watch every single Hitchcock film
·      Be an extra in a film
·      Become a still photographer for a movie set
·      Watch every Academy Award for Best Picture

·      Eiffel Tower
·      England
·      Ukraine, Hungary (E. Europe)
·      Greece
·      Corrie ten Boom’s home
·      Holy Land
·      Italy
·      Ireland
·      Peru (Machu Picchu)
·      Maine lighthouses
·      Prince Edward Island
·      DC in the spring
·      Oregon (Multnomah Falls)
·      Sundance
·      Gondolas in Venice
·      Big Ben
·      Abbey Road
·      Chase a storm
·      Fly in a hot air balloon
·      Take the Amtrak from Seattle to the East Coast
·      Learn the ins and outs of Photoshop
·      Re-learn geography
·      Change a flat tire
·      Drive stick shift
·      Visit all countries of heritage [Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Russia]
·      Live in Europe for a month
·      Start photography business
·      Visit Holocaust camps, after re-reading The Hiding Place
·      Fly first-class overseas
·      Photograph for National Geographic
·      Visit all 50 states (21/50)
·      Drive down route 66
·      Go behind a waterfall
·      Attend the Olympics
·      Watch the sun rise every day for one week
·      Photograph war
·      Photograph a wedding
·      Visit a castle
·      Explore a cave
·      Impromptu road trip (Denver, Devils Mountain)
·      Human Trafficking Photography Expedition via Kaya travel
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