Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Don't Feel So United

It was an early morning, fraught with excitement of going home. The crisp air bit at my cheeks, but I didn't care. I was able to go home. When I arrived at O'Hare, the excitement grew as I saw the terminal for United Airlines. I love traveling, especially being in the airport. Then, my troubles began.
sidenote: I was quite jealous of my roomie who arrived home sooner than me. [she lives in The Netherlands, whereas I am just a two hour flight away from home]
My flight is Well, that's not a big problem. Only by 15 minutes.
See all that yellow? CANCELED flights.
I had to go in a separate line for delayed and cancelled flights. I soon found out why they were bunched together. I got a text from my lovely room-mate saying that my flight was cancelled. [There is only one flight to Bismarck a day, mind you.] As well as the flight to Fargo. Despite the odds, I remained hopeful.
Perhaps, I can fly to Denver, and make a connection there.

After an hour and a half of waiting in line, and talking with John Greenford and his wife who were on their way to Green Bay, I was able to tell an agent my dilemma. He searched, but nothing was found except for the following schedule: O'Hare to Seattle, to La Guardia (New York), to Denver, to some other city, to Bismarck. I was not willing to take that much risk of a) losing my luggage and b) of not having a place to sit for every flight.

And then I realized I would be coming back in less than 24 hours.
Will the lines be better tomorrow?
To which the agent slightly laughed. However, he reprinted my boarding pass and I will be waiting in a much shorter line. 12 hours from now I will be back in O'Hare. I am keeping my fingers crossed until I get through security.
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