Monday, March 14, 2011


During prayer today I realized how many horrible things are happening in the lives of my friends. I see so many people every day, but I rarely know what burdens they are carrying with them.

The death of a grandpa.
A grandma going into kidney failure.
Coming back from a missions trip and not quite sure how to deal with this new information.

What's going on with this world? Has it become more insane lately, or have I just opened up my eyes? Cancer, genocide, modern-day slavery, child soldiers, earthquakes and tsunamis. I was so overwhelmed  tonight that after chapel drama, I decided to go to the prayer room. And I couldn't even pray I had no words. So I sat there in silence. I can't help these people. How can I? I'm only a girl with a smile, and sometimes a half-hearted one at that. What can I do?
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