Monday, October 17, 2011


Memories have a way of suddenly overwhelming you. One minute you are drying a spatula, the next, you're trampled by all of these events that you were hoping you had repressed. Nope, no chance of that happening. I want to blame it on something. But even as I write this I can't think of one single thing to blame it on, other than dishes being boring. I'm not going to delve into the details, because, well frankly, that's not my style. I like to keep my life semi-private. Despite my incessant and narcissistic postings on social media. I shall forever be an introvert. (For a great article on myths of introverts click here.)

I think God wants me to really deal with all of my emotions. I tend to try to just set it aside. Bottle it up. I thought I was done with that. Eesh. I had several months of therapy after I broke off my engagement and while that did help, I still have my issues. Like guilt. My good friend Joy asked me on the train back in September how I am dealing with it. I kind of shrugged off the question. 

I'm working on giving things up to God. (It seems like I say this every three months.) It's a work in progress. He needs to work in me. And for that to happen, I need to spend a lot more time with Him than I usually do.

This might not make sense to anyone. If so, I apologize - hopefully I can pull together my thoughts for a real post.
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