Wednesday, April 02, 2008

At random

Joy's friend [me] is so weird!
Why do you say that?
She takes her camera with her everywhere!!
Well, she's a photographer.
Oh. That explains it.

There has been less homework lately. Thus I have been getting to bed early. =)
I found three big leaves by the river yesterday.
I will find out for sure what my classes will be tomorrow for next year.
In four weeks and one day I will be done with all schoolwork and ready to go home!! =)
Mom will be happy that I finally updated. :)
I am excited for Prairie Bible camp.
I should now start my Bible paper and drawing assignment.
I will probably procrastinate some more.
I am wearing a skirt.
I am not wearing shoes.
Or socks.
I do not have blue hair (okay, now I really am procrastinating :).
I hope this post gets lots of comments.
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