Friday, May 09, 2008

[insert creative title here]

Well, I'm back home. Back to having the rolling plains in my backyard instead of HWAC (where my studio is). I'll try to update this more often. Now that I have time to eat and sleep. What a wonderful concept it is to be able to get more than four hours of sleep on average per night. Not much going on this summer. Prairie Bible Camp in June. Friday is a supper that I am going to with my mom (I think we are helping with the food). On Saturday, I am babysitting Sarah and then going to a play that one of my mom's friends is in (in a hayloft-- that should be a bunch of fun :). And Sunday is Mother's Day. Otherwise, not a lot going on. Wait, I lied. I helped Cindy with some school pictures on Tuesday (mom and I got back on Monday). She asked if I would be willing to help her with weddings, to which I heartily agreed! :) I might help a lady in the area clean her house. Otherwise, just doing housework, catching up on sleep, doing artsy projects, entering photographgy contests and remembering how to play piano again. :)
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