Thursday, August 06, 2009

My engaging life

So my readers want to know the story, eh?

It all started with wii bowling one night in October…. Its true. Well ok let me back up. David’s roomie was Ben and my roomie was Brittany (the parents of our “family” : ) Britt asked if I wanted to come wii bowling. (the previous year I had gone off campus maybe four times except for church if that shows you how much fun I allowed myself :) I reluctantly said yes. Well, our family formed from there and eventually there got to be about 8 of us who would hang out, going bowling etc. David, Ben, and the other ben played as the worship band at IBC (Immanuel Baptist church). Well David was texting me one night saying that I should sing with them. First response: NO WAYYYY!!!! For pretty much anyone who knows me, you know I don’t consider myself to have a good singing voice. Sure its fine if I sing in a group. But in a band? As the only girl??!! :) Oh boy, I was not up for that. But it was a really small church…hm, oh the dilemma. So I went to a practice thinking ok no big deal, I’ll just listen. But they got me to sing!!

Anyway, so David and I got to know each other that way and through the “family outings”. :) Eventually he got outcast because I was a daughter and he was a son and we couldn’t be having any incest in the family! lol

So he came to visit my family in December for about a week. Played some wii. J Couldn’t really go outside though, because it was so brutually cold. But he got to spend a week with my family. The boys loved him, took him on as their older brother and my mum had coffee with him for three hours one morning (I slept in, lol).

Then it was back to school, and then this summer working at Riverwoods. Working at Riverwoods was quite the experience. I’m so glad he was there working too, because I doubt I could explain it to him. Its really just something you have to be there for. Well, a couple weeks ago, he called my family’s cell. My family was in Medora that day, so he talked to my dad and asked for permission to marry me and all. Mum said it was all in God's timing, because they had stopped and were overlooking the beauty of the badlands.

After we finished work on Saturday, August 1st, David told me to get all gussied up because he was taking me on a date. We went to Lonestar to eat, then David practiced his violin with Donna (a lady at the church David had a duet with). So yeah, listening to two violins was beautiful. After they were done, Donna gave us ice cream. J Then we went to see Ice Age 3. After that, I was really glad we had a fun date, but ready to go home. Not David. He suggested going to the church. I was tired and against it, but said ok. Well we went to the Sunday School room. He asked me what he first asked in that room months ago.

“You asked to start going out with me??”

“Well, what did I ask specifically?”

“To start dating me???”

Then he pulled something out of his back pocket. And I thought, “Hm, that’s weird.”

Suddenly, he was down on one knee, asking to marry me.

“Yes.” [screams]


And now… it’s smiles all around. :-) The wedding is this summer, June or July. Mum and I are planning, planning, planning. Susan, Mum and I are going dress shopping tomorrow. So exciting! But it’s finally hitting me.





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