Sunday, November 25, 2007


262 to be exact. One doesn't realize how hard (and easy!) it is to take them. But then come the responsibilities. Finding the cord. Connecting it to the computer and camera. Praying that the 6-yr old computer recognizes the camera. Uploading the pictures. Figuring out which ones are already on the computer. Coming up with an excellent title for the folder (i.e. 'Thanksgiving 07'). Downloading the rest (I'm not sure what the difference between uploading and downloading is... :-/ :) Getting the pictures to all go the right way. Narrowing the selection. And then, and ONLY then can one start on the post. Oh the woes of a blogger! Now for a peek into what the Pauley side of the family does during the holidays, in no particular order...

Arm wrestling

Believe it or not, swimming!

Making some amazing food
Walking, to hopefully lose some of that amazing home-cooked food. ;)

Working on an endless puzzle...

Still working...

And obviously growing!!!!
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