Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy as a beaver

and sick as a dog! What weird expressions! Why is it the dog that is always sick?... :) Actually, I'm not that sick, I'm getting better. I thought that I'd tell you why I won't be here the rest of the weekend. I am still alive. I think.

The reason I'm busy? Piranesi!!!!! You see, there was an artist in the 18th century named Giovanni Battista Piranesi. He got sick (maybe that's where I got the idea) and had really scary dreams on account of his high fever. What were in these dreams? Prisons. Or Carceri d'invenzione if you prefer. We have to take one of his etchings and expand it using our imagination. Eeek! Look to the left to see which one I am in the midst of doing. Well, after we sketch it out in graphite and making sure everything is in perfect proportion, we use pen and ink over it. And are NOT allowed to spill the ink. If we do, we somehow have to incorporate it into our design. One of the teachers said the inking should only take 10 hours. That's a laugh!!! A couple hours on a beam. By the way, inking is supposed to be done on Monday. Yeah, I hope I make it through this weekend...
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