Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who needs a title?

Sorry I haven't been here lately again. And I'm sorry for the webdings font on the last post! In Mozilla, it looks perfectly fine, but not so much in IExplorer. :) Let's see what has been going on lately? Homewor homework homework. I have a five page research paper due tomorrow at 11. We have a Piranesi assignment where we have to add onto his etching using our imagination. We have two weeks to complete it and it will be in pen and ink. Today in design, we made valentine's cards. Yup, that's right, valentines. We had to make it 3D, but it was really fun. Speaking of which, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! In case you didn't read it last year, click here to read about why we celebrate this holiday. Remember to thank your true valentine today. For His eternal love for us.
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