Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where does one start?

Oh, so many pictures. More than a 1000. I have no restraint, I know. I had such a fun time at camp. It was a different year though. No campfire because it rained too much (but not so much, we couldn't play outdoor games-- Praise the Lord!!!). And the fact that there was a couple of missing counselors. But as a special surprise, Abi, Joisah and Thomas showed up!! (The one time I didn't bring my camera into the dining hall) Another out of the ordinary thing was, no mosquitoes as big as your shoe! (Too chilly for them, they must still be in Florida)

Fun games

Flipper Flapper witnessing tool



Well, I need to go to bed. I just thought I should post something tonight. We are picking up Grandpa and grandma at the airport in Bismarck tomorrow. So I don't know when I'll blog next. I have so many pictures to show and so many things to tell. And with family, I'll just have more and more pictures to blog. It might be quite awhile until I've caught up. But that's okay, I've got lots of rhubarb crisp to keep me company.
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