Monday, May 04, 2009

Ah summer...

Well, classes all done. Ok, that's a lie. I am doing may-term. But it is only one class for three weeks. I'm kind of excited actually. I did make it through my art history final. It was a crazy couple hours actually taking the tests but we made it through. :) But science. My first and last college science class. :) I am able to stay in my dorm. I wasn't sure if I would ahve to move across campus, but I don't!! So excited. I would hate having to move across campus for three weeks. And then packing all over again. Well today, we had our 3.5 hour lecture. The prof. gave us a break at 30 mins and then every hour. And for the last two hours we went outside! And for our two hour lab we just went outside and identified some plants/animals. So, here's some pictures of last times with friends before they left...

They're crazy, but cute. :)

More crazy. 

Commanding the water.

Band practice
Waiting to film.


The other half of the crazy couple, aka 'mom.'  :)
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