Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh dear.

I have been a horrible blogger. I'm sorry. Life has been full as of late. Work has been busy and when i do have a break, I generally take a nap. I work until ten at night some nights. And as soon as David shows up, we go for a walk. :) Thus, no blogging time. I'm sorry. This poor blog. I'm surprised it doesn't just take its URL and leave. "Good riddance Megan! I've had enoguh of you!" But its still here.

Well, I'm really excited. I get to go home in two weeks to see family. :D I love North Dakota, and I miss it so much. Can hardly wait. Then two weeks at home (one of which David will be there :). And school starts. I'm kind of excited (always am for like the first...month lol). The classes I'm taking are Man and Woman (upper English Lit class. I get to read Little Women!), Exploring Creativity, Video Production, History of Civilization 2, and [drum roll please] Personal Fitness Training. Yes, I'll actually be exercising. I'm doomed. Oh, and I'm going to start working (hopefully off campus at Dunkin' Donuts), seeing as I only have 13 credits. No studios, granted video production will take lab time.

(I just had to. We've taken pictures of us like three times since we've known each other lol. We really need to use the self timer more often.)

Oh, David has a partner with his teens. And she claims that she is his wife. So I have to fight off another woman!! lol Oh, I've really gotten attached to one of David's teens. She and I really hit it off last week, it's awesome. :)
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