Friday, December 11, 2009


....the high in Lehr for Monday is now -2. Yes, the high is below zero. Oh how I miss ND. :-) And on Monday at my grandpa's house the high will be 83. How is this fair? Despite these temperatures, I am stoked for my arrival in the small Bismarck airport! My mom will be the one picking me up!! (she took the day off work :) So maybe we can go shopping....... ;-)

Christmas break starts tonight, but it really started last night. Last night I got to bed a little after 1. Wow! That was amazing. I really haven't slept at NIGHT this week, so it's a
new concept that needs to be re-introduced to me. I started liking coffee. I'm kind of sad that I have conformed to the ways of this world.So, over Christmas Break, I will be at my grandpa's house for two weeks!!! :-) First, we will go to the wedding in Nebraska though!!!! :-) Super excited about that! =)

I just finished packing. Wow, that was difficult. I thought about packing two suitcases. (I am a girl needing clothes for a whole month after all. ) But no. United Airlines would then like to charge me an extra 20 dollars for that. They aren't getting my money! Ha!! It took a lot of work. The cliche' sitting on the suitcase? Yeah, that was me. For my carry-on, I'm bringing my queen size blanket I am crocheting, my beautiful mac, and my camera bag. Maybe I'll take a picture.

This is Pastor Jack after our Advent Service.
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