Monday, January 18, 2010

EDIT: Hi everyone.

So, I really will try to be posting more (I know my promises on blogger don't count very much anymore).

Kinda big story here. Listen up.

I am not engaged anymore. It was not a healthy relationship. I feel that God will bring me through the scars that were left through this relationship, through family, friends and His Word. God has already proved His presence in my life. And I believe this is what He wants for me. But more importantly what He wants for His glory. My friends have been phenomenal and helping me all through this (along with my amazing aunt, who works here at the school). Never thought this would be in the plan, but I can already tell this is for the best. I had grown so apart from God. He wasn't personal to me anymore, & reading my Bible and praying was not an everyday thing. To top all this off, after this happened, I got an email from 'God' via facebook. It said that I needed to go back to David. And that he (God) was contacted through prayer on social networking sites. [So for those of you wondering why I got off facebook, this is why]

Oh, I have therapy. Every Friday. Another thing that I thought wasn't in the plan.

So while I was really committed to my relationship, at this point I was more committed to just staying together. It was my first relationship, and I wanted my first relationship to be the one with my husband--so it got out of hand. Also, I don't think I was really mature enough to have this serious of a relationship, it went way too fast.
Girls, don't let this happen to you. If you are being abused in any way, get out. If you think you can handle the abuse (whether physical or emotional) because you are strong, you are wrong. It takes more strength to leave. Trust me on this. Yes, you will cry. I can assure you of that one. But wouldn't you rather want the chance of pleasing God by marrying the man He has chosen for you? Instead of settling on someone that you could probably live with the rest of your life?

If you want more details email me, and I will disclose more information. It just isn't completely appropriate to be sharing everything via blog.

I want God's best. By the way, I really hope this is making sense to everyone out there, I'm not trying to come across as giving up is an option. Giving up isn't an option, but knowing you aren't doing what is in God's plan and acting on it, is.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24

Fail Us Not,
1000 generations
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