Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girls can be stupid

This is the very truthful wisdom I got from the book,  How to be a Hepburn Girl in a Hilton World. I first came across this fabulous book through Christa-Taylor's blog. Which, by the way is a fabulous blog, and you should definitely read it on a consistent basis. Well I was quite excited when this fabulous book came in the mail, free, courtesy of SwagBucks [insert shameless self-promotion for SwagBucks referrals here]. Books. Books?! What are those? You mean those 500 paged boring things with thick covers? Wait. You mean there are interesting books?! Wow. I thought they had become extinct since I began my four year (okay, okay, five) college stint. Well I was relieved of this knowledge that good books, do indeed live on, despite my obliviousness (is that a word?).  

I got off topic didn't I? The hazard of my very existence. I am positive I have ADD (probably adhd). Okay, FOCUS

I loved this book. It might be a bit of a slap in the face to some, but we need more of that. Girls CAN be stupid. Sometimes I just wish I could be friends with guys, there seems to be a lot less drama. Maybe they just don't talk about it. 

It has become commonplace for girls to be able to literally show every part of the body. When that person isn't us, we tend to gossip and go on about how short their skirt was, etc. But until we do something about it (dress classy ourselves) we really aren't doing anything worthwhile, are we? When you look at pictures sixty years ago, women dressed with class, beauty and dignity. Women Girls don't do that anymore. They wear miniskirts and tops that reveal more than some swimsuits. (which is a whole other topic-don't get me started. I am having enough trouble focusing) When you wear a dress that actually fits, people take notice. I remember this summer Mom and I were in town, and people would kept staring at us. I could practically hear their stares. When you dress with dignity, people notice. Yes, it might be uncomfortable, and yes, people might stare. (but I bet they are wishing they looked as put together as you) Do you really feel insulted when someone says you look like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly? And for the guys, if any read this blog, would you take offense at being labeled a Cary Grant?

I highly recommend reading this book, it is very short, but full of insight.
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