Monday, October 04, 2010

Fake Voices

In a future generation
Monophonic crowds emerge
With their metal throats
On organic flesh
Trading Originals for epigones
Real singers have become extinct

Fake voices
Fill the avenues
With Decepticon diction
Its a failed quest for perfection
Once the talent pool evaporates
Real singers have become extinct

This is a song by one of my friends, Curtis Bell. I especially love the line "It's a failed quest for perfection." Because really, isn't every quest for perfection doomed to fail? We can't be perfect. I wish more people would be broken and beautiful. Let the cracks show. God can use the worst moments of our lives for His glory. When we are weak, He is strong. Let's be honest, people. Let's be transparent--so transparent that people only see God's love through us instead of judgement and hypocrisy. Let people see your mistakes. Guess what? We've all made them.
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