Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Day Challenge

my last 30 day challenge wasn't as up to snuff as i wanted it to be, so i am re-trying - just for the heck of it. it won't be everyday....just fyi. i found this on Chelsea's tumblr. i have been thinking about getting a tumblr.....

Day 1 - a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
(no guarantee that these are interesting)

  1. my hair has recently decided to be awesome. i don't have to do anything to it, and it will be wonderfully curly. but when i brush it....well, that's another story
  2. i finished a six page paper (that i actually wrote 7 pages for) three days in advance. now i have another 6-page paper to write. different class, same professor  (i always write papers the night before they are due, so this one better get a good grade.)
  3. sunday night i went to sleep at 8:30 in the morning, so last night i figured i would be able to crash at midnight, easily. FAIL. my roomie and i were up until 4:30 i think. bombastic fail.
  4. my room-mate (anne) is from the netherlands, and i continually make fun of her accent, and she makes fun of how naive i am. quite the loving relationship we have.
  5. i am an introvert....and an extrovert. lately, more so the latter. 
  6. i hate papyrus [typeface]. the church i go to now is completely obsessed with it. i need to have a talk with the creative arts director. 
  7. my ears are quite peculiar. one attached, one unattached 
  8. fifteen facts about oneself is a lot 
  9. after a week long digital cleanse with anne, i am less obsesses with facebook....but still am completely addicted to twitter. 
  10. i wish i had time to read books i want to read 
  11. i scream in the cinema at horror films, no matter how pathetic they are 
  12. i am a film addict. anne and i have a movie map in our room of films that we need to watch to become whole adults. 
  13. when talking about boys  men, the word sexy is lost on me, but suave.....i practically melt if the guy is anything like Cary Grant. 
  14. i love writing, but haven't been able to because school takes up so much time 
  15. i love cleaning when the room is very dirty. you can see progress, but if you vacuum everyday, it seems pointless.

When taking engagement pictures for friends, I climbed into a tree to get a different perspective. I didn't want to get down.
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