Friday, October 31, 2008

2 years

It's been two years since my first post in the blogging world. Thus, a new post. Now, I know that there are many who don't comment. So could you please leave a comment. It doesn't really hurt. Just click on the witty remarks button, write a message, and sign your name (and click anonymous, etc.). It isn't brain surgery I promise. And since this is my 2nd blogiversary, I would like to know where ya'll are from. And if you aren't comfortable sharing that info, could you share an intereresting fact about yourself, where your blog is, how many socks you own, or all of the above? :)

For example:

Megan Erbele
Lehr, ND
I am wearing my painting pants.
In my drawer, two unmatched socks. I need to do laundry. :)

Thank you to the few you faithfully comment (and to those who will :)
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