Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am: tagged again

I know: my mom is coming to Illinois next month
I want: it to be next month, or the next (Christmas break :)
I have: to work on my 7-10 page research paper
I wish: it was finished
I hate: eating raw onions
I miss: my family
I fear: angry bulls
I feel: tired. Yesterday, I made apple pies for a couple hours and then got to go in a corn maze. Fun, but a long day!
I hear: Rebecca typing a research paper on her laptop
I smell: with my nose
I crave: always chocolate!
I search: for growth in Christ
I wonder: what kind of “big-girl” job I’ll have in the real world a couple years down the road.
I regret: not always leaving time in my day to read my Bible.
I love: my Savior
I ache: after playing wii bowling
I care: about people
I always: um, um, yeah,… forget
I am not: in Italy
I believe: God is amazing
I dance: not at Judson. Besides it not being allowed, I have no rhythm (I’m basically as white as you can get :)
I sing: not always on-key, but I try :)
I cry: after watching the Passion of the Christ
I don't always: talk this muchb about myself. At least I hope not!
I fight: waking up in the morning
I write: this blog post
I never: eat squid
I listen: with both ears, but I still might not hear you.
I need: to write more of my paperI can usually be found: in studio
I win: victory over death through Christ!
I lose: everything.
I confuse: easily
I am happy about: my salvation
I imagine: what my future will be like
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