Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Banana Incident

Do I have a story for you! There I was, sitting on my bed, editing pictures. Harmless, right? WRONG. If you have a Dutch room-mate, that is. Now, like I said, I was just working and being completely innocent [it's a stretch, but also the truth]. Suddeny, out of nowhere, a banana is flung at my bed. I look up to see an evil grin from said Dutch room-mate. I am shocked. Usually so is so sweet and kind [lies!]. I pick up the banana because I care for it. Then, I discover the worst part. It's a banana split! After this knowledge, I decided to document it.

After this documentation, I decided consuming the evidence would be wise. But then a song
came on and I started dancing. That's when the top half of the banana fell off--into Anne's garbage. I then fell to the floor in laughter. After which I tried to eat the other half but accidentally dropped it on the floor. And then I dropped the banana peel in Anne's garbage.


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