Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I went into Chicago in the beginning of November with three of my friends--I saw and heard a lot of interesting things. We were asking people if they thought God was real. The answers were always fascinating, especially one guy that was stranded in Chicago with no way to make money to get back home in Vegas. But for me, the most memorable moment happened very quickly. I saw a man digging through the garbage. I didn't really think much of it, but continued to watch as we walked by [people fascinate me] Right before I looked away, he pulled out a drink from a place like Sbarro. And he started drinking from it. I was so incredibly shocked. But it made me realize how incredibly blessed I am. There I was, walking around with an awesome camera and with friends from a school that I am blessed to be able to go to.

Yet, I complain.

About the cafeteria food
About having "nothing" to wear
About too much homework
About having too much stuff
About not having enough time
About nothing
About everything

I am blessed and I tend to forget that.
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