Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Have you seen my aspirations?

I used to have so many goals for my life. Plans, aspirations. But lately, I have just become so very melancholy almost. Lack luster, boring, feeling "ehhh." I tend to blame this on school. Sounds like a good excuse right. The academic institution is sucking away my soul. Right, RIGHT? If I'm truthful with myself (which I really need to do more) I need to face the music that it's me. I've let myself get to this place. I've let myself just go through the motions. I am finally comfortable at Judson, and really know who I am (do you truly ever know who you are?). Is it good to be comfortable? When I get comfortable, that means changing out of my pretty clothes and into sloppy sweatpants. And in general, I just don't care how I look. When I first came to Judson, I took tons of pictures, always had my camera with me. In some ways, I think I was more outgoing back then. What happened? No idea.

I used to write short stories all the time when I was in high school. Since college, I've really just put those thoughts out of my mind. "I am a general art major, why should I write?" Guess what Megan, other things can inspire you. You don't have to do solely artsy things. (personally though, i think writing is a pretty artsy thing to do)

Well enough talk about all these things I used to do. It is time to do fun things again. I've made lists of things I want to do with my life before, but I think it's something interesting to look back on.

  • continue to wear hats
  • travel to [and across] Europe
  • elaborate my short stories, maybe write a novel
  • crochet instead of waste time on the internet
  • cry more
  • fall in love
  • give grace to people that aggravate me
  • learn to swim
  • sketch, even if the drawings are terrible
  • take pictures, all the time
  • talk to people [be a social human being]
  • expand my vocabulary
  • teach myself French
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