Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prayer Request

"Here are some pics of Teagan showing off her owie and her new arm gear. Trenton shut the back of the bedroom door on her finger and almost cut it off. The ER would not even fix it, so we had to go to a plastic surgeon and he put her to sleep and did surgery to sew it back on. It may not grow as much as it should and she may never have a nail on it, but at least we have the finger. She is doing well considering the pain, and has to wear arm braces so she does not pull off the wrap on her finger. Hopefully it heals up great and we will never notice it happened."

Here is to praying that Teagan heals completely and quickly!! And may God put His arms of protection around Teagan so that she is in no pain. Please comment to leave an encouraging note!

And, thanks, Shanon and Gabe, for letting me post this!
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