Friday, September 21, 2007


I got a C+ on my drawing assignment! Did you notice that it said C PLUS?! YAY!!! It took a long time to do, so I am quite pleased. The teacher is really good, but it is hard to get a high grade. Pretty much impossible to get an A (although, ALL things are possible with God :) On the plus side, he says that perfection is over-rated. :D (But I'll still AIM for perfection! ;)

I also have another reason for being happy. I got TWO packages from home today!! Yeah, that's right-- two!!! :D I was overjoyed!!! Among other things, she sent dried pineapple (*licks lips*), and a skirt from Christopher & Banks (which I am wearing right now :)!!! My mom definitely knows how to send a care package, that's FOR sure!!

And my RA just dropped off a cookie! How much better can it get?
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