Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Homework Report

Okay, so last night (well, actually this morning!) I went to bed at 3:30!! I was studying my psychology chapter. And tonight I have a feeling it will be pretty late night as well. :P I have to draw someone's eye for at least 20 minutes. If you think that it doesn't sound like a lot, just try it! Your arm about falls off. Let's see, a chapter in my NT textbook, about 40 pages in Shadow of the Galilean (which is actually fairly easy reading-- narrative story of Jesus) and a chapter in Design. That's what is due tomorrow.

For Friday, I have a personal reaction paper to type (1-3 pages-- YAY that it isn't long!) Some drawings due on Monday-- supposed to take 10 hours in all. :P And I need to read the next chapter for another psychology quiz next week.

Today I watched Star Trek for the first time-- for my New Testament class. I'm sorry, but that show is BOR-RING (and kind of hard to follow-- kept getting planet's and people mixed up! :)! But when you are with friends, it is much better, because then you can all make fun of the characters and ask questions like, "What is the name of the planet they are on?" and "What is the bald captain's name again?"

Tonight is room inspection. I guess that means I should vacuum, huh? :)

And today is my room-mate's birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday, Allie!!!!!!

I almost forgot!-- on the way back from supper tonight, I saw the hugest racoon that I have ever seen in my WHOLE 19 years of existence on this planet! It was HUGE! I had to look again to make sure it wasn't a badger, but it wasn't! I'M POSITIVE!!!
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