Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A totally random post

"So how did it go? Will he ever walk again?" Yes, those are the questions that haunt my (im)patient readers. Well, let's see... Scott is back in school. So you can pray that he gets caught up with everyone. The bleeding has stopped. I think he still has a bandage of some sort one his toe. I don't want to gross you out, but I have no choice. I was talking with him last week sometime, and he was saying that they had to take the nail out and sew it back in....! Yikes. But he is fine... and able to walk.

Schoolwork isn't too bad. I have to re-do a paper yet tonight and write up a chapter quiz (essentially, it is an open book quiz-- YAY!!!!) Homecoming was this weekend. I didn't go. I wanted to actually relax, so the few girls that were still in the dorm watched a movie, One Night with the King. I liked it a lot. (Doesn't replace Arsenic and Old Lace though! :D :) So this week, the goldfish actually had a day of rest! :) Speaking of nicknames, let me share with you the list I have gotten here at college: Guppy, Dory (Finding Nemo), Squirrel (I should make a brown tail in design class for myself!), an archaeologist, and a cheerleader. Along with the list from home: Meggy Eggy Seggy Peggy Weggy Zeggy, Mugsee, Mugsee Mouse, Mugsee Rat and of course, my personal favorite...goldfish. :) Anyone have/remember any others?
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