Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My 'Blog-iversary'

Has it really been a year?!! It doesn't seem possible, but I guess it is.

I didn't intend to get sucked into the blogging world. I didn't intend to become obsessed with posting regularly. I never thought that I'd find so many blogger friends. In fact, I actually got to meet a blogger. And eventually turned a friend into a blogger (who hasn't been faithful in posting lately). But I'm sure glad it happened! It all began with reading the Wissmann's and Bethany's blogs. And then, well,... I think you know. I eventually became obsessed! Thank you to all those who faithfully comment. It truly makes blogging worthwhile and I know that people actually read what I write! So, I encourage you most thoroughly to comment on this post. PLEASE don't be a lurker (aka a person who makes blogging more difficult by not giving their input)!!! After one year of service, don't you think that I deserve some comments?! ;)

Also... are there things you'd like to see more/less? Do I bore you? How did you come to start reading blogs? Or start a blog? What is your favorite subject(s) to read about on someone else's blog? What have you learned from my blogging? How did you find my blog?

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