Saturday, January 05, 2008


Tonight, Chase, Savannah and Miranda stayed at our house because my mom's Bible study met and left the kids in my care. :D So maybe I'll post pictures of that later. Too many pictures loaded already. ;)
Kendra!!!!! Hooray, we actually got to see her!!!

Practice with 'ghosting'

Candid glamour shots

Friends! (sometimes fiends... :)

My fascination with broccoli continues.
Click on the picture to really get the full impact of its greatness.


A foot stuck in the table on New Year's Eve. :D

What a purdy aunt and her niece!

D.C., that darn cat! :) Speaking of which, he almost perished. He got squished under the garage door, but he seems to be doing alright. [sigh] He certainly fits his name!

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