Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another camp post!

Well I gotta admit one of the highlights about camp was being able to see Charissa! aka the cutest baby in Nebraska. :D

Four-square and volleyball were sports that were played most of the free time.

Meet Elphie and Boe! They are interesting to learn from. I wish you could have been there (although, some of you were!) Anyway, they usually take things quite literally. Sow the seed/sew the seed...
(inch by inch) `
Singing songs (with actions) is very intergral to chapel!

Oh, I wouldn't want to forget Farmer Jones and his wife! They came faithfully every day to chapel.

We went to the Ashley Retirement Home again this year using the Flipper-Flapper witnessing tool. It was fun fellowshipping with them, but since we went there last year, we remembered a few. Well, God softened one of the lady's hearts there. To read about it go to Bethany's blog post, "Ambassadors of Christ." More pictures there! ;)

Pssst!...Wissmanns have a slideshow of pictures.
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