Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's all about the...

Well, I found my camera so I thought I would download some pictures from camp. There are so many that I took though, that I might be posting about camp until next year!.. no wait, that should definitely be reserved for Bethany. :D Anyway, I had such a fun time and learned so much!
Some new things this year about camp are padded pews and a newsletter.If you give me your address, I could pass it along and you can be added to our mailing list! Free of charge! How much more exciting can you get?!

Praise the Lord! We only had one day where it was really wet. I think it was the last day. Camp went by so fast, its hard to remember! On that day, we did Bible charades!! They are so much fun!

(Jesus calming the storm)

Robert and the evangelist, Norman Wenig were playing a game. Does anyone know what it is called? You throw tennis balls that are on strings on different bars.

More pictures and info to come soon!
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