Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Calling all voters!

If you want to vote for the following poem that I wrote, you can just click on this link and rate it from 1 to 10. I hope it isn't too terrible that it gets all ones!


Jesus, I want to praise Your name always;
I want to praise Your name all my living days.
When I am in Your presence, I feel like a newly-sprung flower.
When I am kneeling humbly, I feel Your love and power.
I declare Your glory and majesty.
I wish that everyone in your presence could be.
You are the Lord of Heaven, earth and beyond.
With You, I have formed an everlasting bond.
You, Jesus. are full of great mercy and compassion.
You are with me when I feel like things are in a fast rotation.
When on my bed I pray,
I love You more each day.
I try more and more to read Your Word,
As in church and Sunday School, I have heard.
After I am back from church,
With my Bible do I search.
Copyright ©2007 Megan Margaret Erbele
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