Monday, February 15, 2010


This is amazing! How A.C.E.

You know you went to an ACE school when.....

1. You don't know how to plot a geometrical equation, but by golly you know what gerunds, infinitives, and participles are and can differentiate between them on sight.

2. You ever diagrammed sentences with David Brainerd as the subject.

3. You watched missionary movies for a treat.

4. You still got star stickers to put on your chart even in high school.

5. You've looked back on a Check-up.

6. You ever got paddled in your church's sanctuary.

7. The highlight of your year was Convention, especially Internationals.

8. You couldn't stand Ace or Christi because they were too perfect, couldn't believe Pudge and Becky ended up getting married, and secretly admired Ronnie and Susie because you thought they were cool.

9. Two words: Wisdom Pages.

10. You knew more than your supervisors and monitors by the time you were in sixth grade.

11. You got hand cramps from writing the same word a gazillion times throughout the PACE in Word Building/Etymology.

12. You know what "'Baa Baa' said Ba Ba" means.

13. The American flag means to you, not "I'm proud of my country" or "I support the troops," but "I need to score."

14. To this day you look over your shoulder every time you use a green pen, a.k.a the supervisor's magic wand.

15. You know what A, C, and E privileges are.

16. You watched a video of frog dissection rather than doing it yourself. Heck yes!

17. Could never get a 100% on a test because you forgot to memorize the verse for the Pace.

18. You know what I mean when I say "six inch rule."

19. You make goal charts instead of shopping lists, and it gives you a high to cross each item off diagonally, bottom left to top right.

20. You've worked in an office since you were in kindergarten.

21. Stolen a score key and felt like you owned the golden ticket.

22. Carried a pencil tip to the scoring station

23. Placed red dots beside the correct multiple choice answers while standing at the scoring station

Does anyone else understand?? Oh I loved that I came across this. Pure gold.
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