Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I was just going to bed when the earthquake hit last night. I had literally just laid down for 2 seconds, when a 3.8 earthquake decides to make its presence known in Chicago. I wish they had names like hurricanes did. I'll call her Frieda. Well, like I said I was going to bed when Frieda came at four this morning. I felt two major shakes and looked around, but everything was fine. She was only here for maybe ten seconds, and after she left I thought maybe I hallucinated from staying up late. And then I realized Frieda was an earthquake. Well, I just can't imagine how absolutely terrifying the earthquake in Haiti was. That was a 7 point on the richter scale? About twice as much as last night here in northern Illinois. I was scared and confused for ten seconds. How much more confusing and terrifying was it in Haiti?
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