Saturday, February 27, 2010


This picture is part of my project for my Portrait Project due on Monday. [I'll post pictures soon, either here or at my photo blog]

I didn't ask this guy his name, but I'll call him Charles. Well I asked Charles if he knew that Hershey's employs slave labor. He said he didn't and that he didn't actually eat chocolate. His father was a WW2 veteran and much of what they ate was stale crackers and bitter chocolate, so growing up they weren't allowed to eat chocolate.
I do not shop at Wal-Mart because they are products from slave-labor entities. I do not eat chocolate.
Charles said he was shopping [I was just outside the Hershey's store downtown] for his wife. He then mentioned how he was a Democrat and would obviously not support slave labor (or something like that). He was quite surprised to find out that I am a Republican and asked if I was 'anti-business.' "Well, not anti-business, I guess, as much as anti-slavery," I replied. It was an interesting experience. I think I need to go to Chicago more often.
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