Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 5

...i found someone with the whole list, and couldn't help myself

::a person you admire::

Corrie ten Boom. I can't even imagine forgiving guards from the concentration camps, that had tortured and humiliated you and your family.

::a song that makes you cry::
i know i have said this before, but I don't easily cry....

::an art piece::
oh so many. art history 1, 2, and 3 bring many images floating to the front of your mind, but the first one that comes to mind is Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Vermeer. i remember this easily because i wrote a paper on it. 

::a time when you felt passionate and alive::
when i realized that i was content and satisfied being single. it has taken quite the process, but it's worth it. God is the center of why I live. i don't always act like it, but i'm trying to correct that.

::talent of yours::
listening to people (does that count?)

::hobby of yours::

baking all sorts of fattening things

::something you know you do differently than most people::
eat an apple. i eat the middle section and go all around (just the peeling with some flesh) and proceed to the top and bottom. then i eat the rest of the apple. i am very particular about my food.

::a website::  This is a blog of an amazing friend of mine. She's very honest about what's going on in her life and I love it. She also posts a lot of random images-with-text. One time I got my photography project as an inspiration from 

::a way that you want to be remembered::
as a woman of God who was passionate for things that truly mattered.

::a movie no one would expect you to love::

phonebooth (2003)


well one of my favorite recipes is caramel rolls, but that's too long to share. how about toast? take a piece of bread, stick it in the toaster, wait, then slather it with pb&j.

::childhood memory::
playing in the "woods," dead trees as my fortresses

::a physical feature you love::

my ears. one is unattached, and the other is. did you know i am abnormal?

::a scar you have and it's story::
it's on my knee. i would have taken a picture, but it's miniscule (don't tell my ego that) i got it surfing in Hawaii. Yeah, that's right. I'm tough. I was bleeding from some coral in potentially shark-infested waters. (i just wish it would be bigger than the size of a Q-tip)

::hopes, dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days::

focus more on God. nothing comes before him.

::a motto or philosophy::
even though things are broken, it doesn't mean it is useless.

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