Monday, July 12, 2010

Free stuff

=) Anyone who knows me, is in the knowledge that I love shopping, especially when I get good deals. And I tend to brag about it. Just last week while at the mall, a store had a 75% off sale. My total should have been 108, but it was around 25. I saved three times more than I spent! This summer has been crazy for deals. I need to start saying no or I won't have enough car space! Anyway......I got a package in the mail today. From Amazon. My total would have been almost thirty, but since I had 15 dollars in Amazon gift cards, it was only 12 dollars. And after I had bought them, Amazon sent me a lovely email saying I had a four dollar promotion because of the dvd I had bought. I have a very large wishlist for movies. Having a film studies minor doesn't help things.

I love SwagBucks! =)
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