Monday, February 19, 2007

My thrilling weekend at home.

When I go home on the weekends, not much exciting happens. Oh sure, I do my laundry and some homework. Okay, okay, I almost never get homework done. But that is an entirely different story. (Maybe if the label was laziness :) Okay, back to my exciting weekend!
First (wonderful) surprise was that my cousins Gabe and Shanon came over to our house to visit (on Saturday) along with the cutest kids in the world!! I am not exaggerating at all, at least, not in my opinion. :) So that was really fun! Later, we went out to the puppies in the shop (sorry, I forgot my camera again!) -: When we came back, we discovered we were locked out of our house!!!!! :O That was a first! :D While we were out there (we have a room connecting between our garage and our house), mom put me to work putting away the nativity set. Anybody else still have a few Christmas decorations up?! (You can leave up the Nativity set longer, because the Wise men didn't get to see Jesus until January:) After that, I did my laundry. I know, exciting, right? And, no, the washer didn't blow up, ... my weekend wasn't that exciting or chaotic!
On Sunday, mom and I went to a Baptist church in Jamestown. (My dad went to our home church and my brothers were at a friend's house) The sermon was really good!! I did a little bit of it on my last post. So that was fun, then we ate at Subway! Then (I always say/type then too often! Arrgh! :), mom dropped me off at school and voila, my weekend was over!!
Exciting right? Well, to me, it was very exciting!

By the way, the weather is absolutely beautiful today!! Praise the Lord!! It feels like spring!! :)
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