Friday, February 02, 2007

Persecution is a reality

Another Jesus Freak Friday!!
This was posted on the Peresution Blog yesterday:

Persecution is a reality

I read a news article that warned the government in Burma (Myanmar) is trying to abolish Christianity. The article reported that an internal government document laid the foundation for abolishing Christianity and that anyone caught evangelizing would be arrested. The striking thing about this article was the spirit of Christians living under these stringent conditions. They are strong, on fire for God and they continue to spread the gospel.

Just like other restricted nations, Burma gives the impression of freedom of religion, but in practice, Christians are persecuted, churches are shut down and the government restricts the number of Bibles imported. The printing of Bibles and Christian literature is also restricted.

In the midst of the government crackdown, I was blessed to read about believers who are evangelizing, even though it is against the law, visiting Buddhist villages and sharing the love of Jesus. For these precious Christians, persecution is an unavoidable reality. A Christian quoted in the article said, “We will press on despite the risk of hostile crowds or government arrest, but God gives us strength deep inside and boldness to move forward.”
Burmese Christians are an example of the courageous believers who face persecution around the world. Pray God protects them and other believers in restricted nations, and ask Him to show us how we can pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters.
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